The Language of Flowers

It’s a little known fact that flowers all have their own unique meaning. Some people may be aware that Red Roses symbolise love and Yellow Roses mean friendship, even the olive branch symbolises peace but the language of flowers is much greater then this and dates back to the Victorian era or earlier.

For centuries, flowers have given pleasure to people of all the nations, because their beauty has the unique ability to bring cheer when someone is ill or down. It’s not surprising that mankind has attached significant meanings to them… actually going as far as to formulate a language all their own called “floriography”, formulated by the Victorians.

Originally a bunch of flowers would convey messages of love or dislike depending upon which ones were given, their sizes how they were held, or also grouped together. They had a silent meaning of their very own, and could “say” what was not dared to be spoken. A flower presented in an upright position represented a “positive thought; whereas one presented in the opposite direction had a negative meaning. A person could say “yes” by offering a flower with the right hand – the left hand “no.”

For those nostalgic, sentimental brides and grooms out there why not introduce some of these elements into your big day. Here is the meaning behind some of the most popular wedding flowers.

For a full list of flowers and there meanings click on Here.

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